Advanced Complex Intravenous Medical Care Under Physician Supervision

Coordinated care integrated with your physician’s supervision

About Us

We know infusion centers and home infusion. We have been providing infusion services and its related care and supplies for over 25 years nationally. We redeveloped advanced infusion care designed to keep you as healthy as possible and help reduce hospital admissions. We monitor and track your care to address any concerns during treatment and coordinate with your physician. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the best care possible for you.

Our Services

COVID 19 Compliant Care

Total parenteral nutrition

Pediatric infusion

Hematology and factors

Cancer related therapies

Pain management

Rheumatology therapies

Enteral nutrition




IV immunoglobulin

Enzyme and endocrinology

Vitamin therapy and immune supplementation

Gastroenterology therapies

Nursing related services to home infusion

Supplies and logistics for home delivery

The Intracare Advantage

Advanced care and monitoring under physician supervision.


Can often leave the hospital early

Provides privacy and better safety compared to a hospital

Credentialed licensed professionals to care for you

Less costly


24/7 communication


I was worried about my care as I needed TPN and was afraid to go home with an IV. But, Intracare/Pharmacon met me at the hospital, re-assured me and then met me at my house with all my supplies and medicines. It’s been 2 months now and I am so happy to be home and feeling better.

David A, Weston, FL

The staff answered the phone right away and I got additional supplies the next morning. No questions asked. Very helpful. Thank you.

Ralph W, Delray Beach, FL

I am so happy to be home instead of the hospital. My infection got better and now resolved. I was able to start work and do my therapy at home in the evenings and mornings before work. Wish I knew this was available when my Mom needed it.

Christina Y, Hollywood, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify for outpatient infusion therapy?

You or your physician can contact us and we will pre-qualify you for eligibility.

How do I know the quality of the care and medications?

We are fully licensed and accredited to assure the same hospital quality in the physician office and at home.

What happens if I need to talk to someone or need a home visit after hours?

Simply call our dedicated clinicians at 1-888-327-2233

Who do I call to initiate the service?

Call us at 1-888-327-2233 or email us at: [email protected].

How do I pay for the medications, supplies and services?

Once you are determined to be clinically eligible, we will contact your health insurance carrier and notify you of the cost of care (if any) depending on your policy. We also coordinate any out-of-pocket or deductible charges.

Can I request infusion therapy?

Yes you can. Simply contact us and we will communicate with your physician with your authorization.

Do you deliver?

If you are having home infusion: Yes. We will come to your home for nursing and pharmacy care, disposable supplies and equipment. We also coordinate supplies and medication refills to ensure continuity of your care. Otherwise, we will deliver the medicines directly to the site of infusion care at your physician’s office. You or your physician can contact us and we will pre-qualify you for eligibility

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